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Cashmere is the best wallet for your startup, DAO, NFT project, or fund. Make secure and fast transfers from anywhere.

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Take control of your funds

Securely transact with your Sol and SPL tokens

Easy Spending

Use our simple transaction system to create, sign, and execute transactions

Full Transparency

Easily view your transaction history across the team and see how your funds are spent

Take Control

Easily manage outflow and payments with our custom transactions and integrations.

Manage Your Project

View, mint, and update your NFTs directly from your Cashmere wallet.

Store your team's Sol and any SPL tokens, all in one place.

Long gone are the days of rugs pulls and single points of failure. Manage and transfer your tokens with ease and peace of mind.

Total Control Over Spending

Team-based policies and a simple m / n signing requirement that you can modify.

Detailed Transactions

Track all your team's transactions all in one place with memos and a comprehensive transaction history.

Smarter transactions so one person doesn't have to do it all.

Remote work has never been easier. You can now approve your startup's transactions from anywhere and know that your funds are always safe.


Seamless approvals. From your phone or laptop.

Secure Payments

Guaranteed and easy to modify signing requirements.

A simple dashboard to manage your finances.

With desktop, tablet, and mobile access, easily transact like never before.

Create your wallet now

A 3-Step Process

It's as easy as 1-2-3


Create a Transaction

Transfer your funds, run your payroll, pay a contractor, or airdrop NFTs all with one form.

Easily view tokens on your dash
Transfer any SPL token
Adjust signing requirements



Get your team members to verify the details of the transaction and approve as needed.

Enforced m / n signing requirement
Modify owners to on wallet
View signing progress



Once a transaction has the required number, hit Execute to send off the transaction.

Clear interface
Transaction history
Transaction memos

Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I deposit funds in my Cashmere wallet?

In your preferred wallet or exchange, you can input the Vault Address displayed in the top right of the dashboard and send funds accordingly. You can hit the copy button to add it to your clipboard.

If you’re depositing for the first time, the Cashmere wallet may not be identified by some platforms as a valid address, for your own safety. In this case, use our UI to (1) connect your browser-friendly wallet, (2) click our Deposit button, and (3) input how much of which token you want to deposit and then hit Submit.

What is an ATA or why do I have to make an Associated Token Account?

For each token contained in a wallet, there exists a distinct token account associated with each mint. This means that with x different types of tokens, there exists x different token accounts. If you are sending tokens to yourself or another recipient, you may be depositing a token into that wallet for the first time so there does not exist a compatible account. In that case, you will need to create the associated token account on behalf of the user for the token transfer to succeed.

Why is the address in the URL different from the vault address on my dashboard?

The address in the URL is an internal multisig identifier that you don't need to be concerned with. If you are depositing funds, please use the Vault Address shown in the dashboard top right with the copy button or deposit using our Deposit interface. This can be a point of confusion but we're working towards simplifying the url to make things clearer.

What’s on the roadmap?

We don't have an official roadmap yet, but we’re continuing to build and prioritize features to do our best for our customers every day. We’re planning to add features for notifications, payroll, vesting, NFT airdrops, and more. Check out our Discord and chat with us for more details and to request future developments.

How do I send funds from my Cashmere wallet?

There are a couple ways to reach the transfer page for a token. In the main Assets page, you can click Transfer under any of the tokens or you can click the Send button in the upper right. Simply input the wallet address you want to send tokens to and fill out the transaction info.

How to do I view my deposits?

Currently, to view the deposit history for your Cashmere multisig wallet, navigate to the Transactions page and click on the Solscan or Solana Explorer link. To view the aggregate of your deposits and transactions, you can simply go to your Assets page. If your deposit is not showing up, make sure (1) you sent the tokens to the Vault Address in the top right of the dashboard, (2) for developers your wallet is connected to mainnet, or (3) wait a few min before worrying to see if the transaction was slow and then message us on Discord for further support.

I'm having issues with my wallet, what do I do?

Please reach out to us on our Discord and report bugs or any issues you’re having! We’d love to help. You can also reach out to us on Twitter if you'd prefer.

Who founded the company?

Fully doxxed, the founding team consists of Charlotte McGinn, Rebecca Lee, and Shashank Khanna. You can easily reach us on LinkedIn or through our Cashmere Twitter.

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