Our mission is to create the most secure and convenient crypto wallet for businesses

Whether you run a startup, NFT project, investment firm, or DAO on Solana, asset security is critically important. Today, however, many teams hold their Solana assets in individual "hot" wallets, leaving themselves vulnerable to losing their funds from hacks and simple mistakes. So we set out on a journey with Cashmere to build the tools to run a seamless crypto business.



Cashmere's co-founders Shashank and Charlotte became good friends at UCLA, where they ran hackathons and workshops to educate thousands of students.

Before starting Cashmere, Shashank was a software engineer at Amazon and SoFi. He worked on distributed systems and has been interested in security and protecting data since a very young age. This ultimately drove him to dive deep into crypto security.

Charlotte previously worked as a software engineer at Tesla on music and video streaming apps in vehicles, where she became passionate about designing scalable systems and integrations. She enjoys taking obscure technical concepts and breaking them down so that everyone can follow.

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